Roundtrip through Thailand in November/December 2013.


Flag Thailand

On Wednesday, November 27th, 2013 we left with China Airlines flights to Bangkok in Thailand. By bus we were taken to our hotel. In the bus we were told about the evening program was and that we were not to go to sleep. If we were to do so , we would suffer the jetlag.

Siam Niramit evening show, including a buffet meal was great. It was a show about the history of Thailand. Watch this site for more details: Siam Niramit Bangkok

During the next 3 days we, visited multiple sites in Bangkok. We did it by bus, by boat and on foot. We visited the Grand Palace and the famous Buda temples "Wat Arun" and "Wat Pho" (reclining Buda). We also enjoyed by a evening dinner in a restaurant atop the highest building of Bangkok.

After Bangkok, we drove to the River Kwai. We had a boat trip over and made ​​a train ride along the river (on the original wooden rail supports).

Then we drove eastward to Ayutthaya, Khon Kaen, Loei, Phitsanulok, Sukothai and to Chang Mai. Along we did see an do a lot including a visit to a farm where we launced some desire balloons. We enjoyed the various forms of transport such as a tractor and on the back of an elephant. Furthermore cycling here and there where we had a lot of attention from the locals. From Loei we visited as an extra trip the Mekong River. We have navigated the river , within a few meters from the border with Laos. That was in Chang-Kahn, the place where the river forms the border with Laos.

Also we have during our tour of Thailand visited several special places, like a parasol factory, a silverfactory, a Thai house, Orchids gardens and many exotic markets.

In Chang Mai we stayed a few days, where we among other visited the night market. Furthermore, we also have a number of temples and viewed again some Budas.

After a few days we went back with the night train from Chang Mai to Bangkok. Then by bus to Hua Hin for a few days at the beach.


Pictures of our roundtrip in Thailand, 2013.

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