Germany, Holiday to Saarburg


Flag Germany


In february 2017 we did visit Saarburg in Germany.

We had a perfect ride by our own car and after 4 hours driving we arrived at Holiday park Landal Warsberg in Saarburg, Germany. We had rent a 4 persons bungalow. It was located on top of a mountain, (the Warsberg) and you can reach it by taking a road consiting of 12 Hairpin turns.

From the park there was a footpath down to the village Saarburg. It went through vineyards down to the village. We went throuh that footpath multiple times that week. The village Saarburg has in the centre a very nice waterfall. There are also 3 water wheels beneth the waterfall.

We also went one day to Trier. Trier is oldest city of whole Germany and has a Roman history. A remarkable monument that proofs that is the Porta Nigra (Black Gate).


Pictures of our stay at Saarbutg and Trier, Germany, in 2017.

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