2011 - Czech Republic.

Litoměřice, Terezin, Teplice and Praag.


the national flag of the Check Republic. 


In the summer of 2011 we did visit the Czech Republic. We did stay on a camping in a village called Litoměřice, and that was situated at the river Elbe (Labe).

From there we did visit Terezin (former labor camp, called Theresienstadt) and Teplice (health resort). But also the city Litoměřice was very nice to discover. We did walk a lot and at the evening we did enjoy fantastic food at one of the many restaurants.

In Terezin we had enough time to visit the payed inside part of the camp, but on another day we did walk through the outside parts of the Terizin Getho. So did we a walk along the Eger river to a monument. This place was used by the Germans who did through the ashes from the crematoriums in the river to cover the thinks that did happen there. One think that we didn't know, was that there where also held Dutch people.
On another day we did visit Prague by train and metro.

We also did walk a couple of times through the hills. We did clime to the top of two mountains, one with a steel lookout tower, and on the other top there was a big cross.

We did spent a lot of time in front of our tent to read books, because we would it make a lazy holiday.


Pictures of our tour in Czech Republic, in 2011.

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